Get Found Get Funded | Apply to Be on the Show
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Apply to Be on the Show

Why would you want to be on our show?  Well, in addition to exposure and great PR, you will get to unpack your business challenges with current investors and people who are active in the startup and technology space.  You’ll get to meet an expert who is focused on YOUR company and your company’s needs.


You’ll get access to resources that can help you on your path, and become part of a community of companies in the Get Found Get Funded network.


Please note:  Although Get Found Get Funded is supportive of *all* entrepreneurs, we feature those on the show that are eligible for Angel and VC funding.  We understand this is a small subset of entrepreneurs; however, our focus is on changing the startup space to be more inclusive for all and we are starting by shining a light on this particular space.  Further, while we encourage all entrepreneurs to apply, we prioritize those businesses that have one or more founders who identify as one or more of the following:

1) woman or non-binary femme,

2) person of color,


Want to be on our show?

Apply Here